Word.VerticalAlignment enum


[ API 集:WordApi 1.3 ]


// Link to full sample: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OfficeDev/office-js-snippets/prod/samples/word/40-tables/manage-formatting.yaml

// Gets content alignment details about the first row of the first table in the document.
await Word.run(async (context) => {
  const firstTable: Word.Table = context.document.body.tables.getFirst();
  const firstTableRow: Word.TableRow = firstTable.rows.getFirst();
  firstTableRow.load(["horizontalAlignment", "verticalAlignment"]);
  await context.sync();

  console.log(`Details about the alignment of the first table's first row:`, `- Horizontal alignment of every cell in the row: ${firstTableRow.horizontalAlignment}`, `- Vertical alignment of every cell in the row: ${firstTableRow.verticalAlignment}`);


bottom = "Bottom"
center = "Center"
mixed = "Mixed"
top = "Top"