WIF Code Sample Index

The following are code samples for Windows Identity Foundation 4.5:

  • ClaimsAwareWebApp - this sample demonstrates basic use of authentication externalization (to the local test Security Token Service from the Identity and Access Tool for Visual Studio 11) on a classic ASP.NET application (as opposed to a web site).

  • ClaimsAwareWebService - this sample demonstrates basic use of authentication externalization on a classic WCF service.

  • ClaimsAwareMvcApplication - this sample demonstrates how to integrate WIF with MVC, including non-blanket protection and code which honors the forms authentication redirects out of the LogOn controller.

  • ClaimsAwareWebFarm - this sample demonstrates a farm ready session cache (as opposed to a tokenreplycache) so that you can use sessions by reference instead of exchanging big cookies. It also demonstrates an easier way of securing cookies in a farm.

  • ClaimsAwareFormsAuthentication - this very simple sample demonstrates that in .NET 4.5 you get claims in your principals regardless of how you authenticate your users.

  • ClaimsBasedAuthorization- this samples shows how to use your ClaimsAuthorizationManager class and the ClaimsAuthorizationModule for applying your own authorization policies.

  • FederationMetadata – this sample demonstrates both dynamic generation (on a custom STS) and dynamic consumption (on a relying party application) of metadata documents.

  • CustomToken – this sample demonstrates how to build a custom Simple Web Token (SWT) token type.

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