CGopherFile Class

Provides the functionality to find and read files on a gopher server.


The classes CGopherConnection, CGopherFile, CGopherFileFind, CGopherLocator and their members have been deprecated because they do not work on the Windows XP platform, but they will continue to work on earlier platforms.

class CGopherFile : public CInternetFile


The gopher service does not allow users to write data to a gopher file because this service functions mainly as a menu-driven interface for finding information. The CGopherFile member functions Write, WriteString, and Flush are not implemented for CGopherFile. Calling these functions on a CGopherFile object, returns a CNotSupportedException.

To learn more about how CGopherFile works with the other MFC Internet classes, see the article Internet Programming with WinInet.


Header: afxinet.h

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