ShellExecute element

AXE supports the ShellExecute method. Here we would use the shell (explorer.exe) to launch a process. The parameters are an operation (verb), file to operate on, command line parameters, and a directory.


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There are no attributes.

Child elements

Element Description
This tag must specifies the name of the file or object on which shell execute will perform the action specified by the verb parameter.

This tag must contain a verb as described by the documentation for the shell execute API.

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Element Description
This node describes how AXE executes an assessment.


This node s presence is exclusive from <CreateProcess> and <PowerShell>.

This tag specifies that AXE uses the Win32 API ShellExecuteEx() to run the assessment. This node requires the following sub nodes. Note that AXE only calls the UNICODE (wide) version of this API.

Here, AXE determines the command line as documented in the AXE Assessment Assembly Design document.

Element information

Can be empty No

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