MSiSCSI_QueryLBPolicy WMI 类

MSiSCSI_QueryLBPolicy WMI 类包含有关负载均衡策略的信息。 此类在 Mgmt.mof 中定义如下。

class MSiSCSI_QueryLBPolicy 
    string InstanceName;

    boolean Active;

     DisplayName("Adapter Id") : amended,
     Description("Id that is globally unique to each instance of each adapter. Using the address of the Adapter Extension is a good idea.") : amended
    uint64 UniqueAdapterId;

     DisplayName("Reserved field") : amended
    ] uint32 Reserved;

     DisplayName("Count of Elements in LoadBalancePolicies array") : amended,
     cpp_quote("\n    // Number of elements in LoadBalancePolicies array\n"),
     Description("Number of elements in LoadBalancePolicies array") : amended
    ] uint32 SessionCount;

     DisplayName("Load Balance Policy for each session") : amended,
     description("Load Balance Policy that is currently being used by iSCSI Initiator - one element for each session on the adapter") : amended,
    ISCSI_Supported_LB_Policies LoadBalancePolicies[];

当 WMI 工具套件编译前面的类定义时,它将生成 MSiSCSI_QueryLBPolicy 数据结构。