Identity and access reports API overview

With Microsoft Graph, you can use access identity and access reports to get information about how users in your organization are using identity and access features in your Microsoft Entra tenant.


Microsoft Graph controls access to resources using permissions. You must specify the permissions you need in order to access reports resources. For more information, see Microsoft Graph permissions reference and Reports permissions.

What are identity and access reports?

The following identity and access reports are available to help you understand application activity in your tenant:

  • Registration and usage

Registration and usage

Get a better understanding of how users in your organization use Microsoft Entra capabilities, such as self-service password reset (SSPR) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). You can determine which authentication methods are more successful for your organization, what types of errors end users run into, and what campaign you need to run to help your end users adopt the use of SSPR and MFA.

Next steps

Identity and access reports API can open up new ways for you to engage with users and manage their experiences with Microsoft Graph. To learn more:

  • Drill down on the methods and properties of the resources most helpful to your scenario.
  • Try the API in the Graph Explorer.