PL-900:Microsoft Power Platform 基本概念

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Microsoft Power Platform

了解 Microsoft Power Platform 的商業價值與產品功能。 建立簡單的 Power Apps、使用 Microsoft Dataverse 來連線到資料、建置 Power BI 儀表板、使用 Power Automate 將流程自動化,以及使用 Power Virtual Agents 建置聊天機器人




Microsoft Power Pages, formerly known as the Power Apps portal capability, is now in public preview as a standalone product.

Microsoft Power Pages is low-code development and hosting platform ideal for building modern, secure, and data-centric business websites. Whether you’re a low-code maker or professional developer, Power Pages enables you to rapidly design, configure, and public your websites to engage your customers, partners, and communities.

For more information, see Power Pages.

Learn about the components of Microsoft Power Platform, the business value for customers, and security of the technology.

了解 Dataverse 的基本概念,以及探索連線及自訂 Microsoft Power Platform 應用程式資料連線的方式。

Learn about the value and capabilities of Power Apps and ways other organizations have leveraged this technology to build simple applications for their business.

Power Apps allows businesses to create custom solutions for everyday problems. In this module, you will learn how to build and customize a canvas app from scratch.

Learn how you can leverage Power Apps to create model-driven apps with little or no code.

Microsoft Power Automate is all about process automation. Power Automate allows anyone with knowledge of the business process to create repeatable flows that when triggered leap into action and perform the process for them.

Learn how you can leverage Power Automate to build simple workflow to help improve productivity and simplify tasks.

了解如何運用 Power BI 輕鬆建置具有互動式視覺效果的報表和儀表板,並查看其他組織如何使用此解決方案來利用可採取動作的見解以推動業績成效。

Power BI 可同時協助商務使用者和開發人員輕鬆地對資料進行分析、視覺化及共同作業。 此課程模組將指導您如何在不影響基礎資料集的情況下,進行所有作業。

Learn about the value and capabilities of Power Virtual Agents and ways organizations can leverage this technology to build chatbot solutions for their business.