entity element

Specifies the child element for a fetch element, the 'parent entity' for the query. Only one entity is allowed.

Learn how to query data using FetchXml.


  <entity name='account'>
    <attribute name='accountclassificationcode' />
    <attribute name='createdby' />
    <attribute name='createdon' />
    <attribute name='name' />


Name Required? Description
name Yes The logical name of the table that the query is based on.

Parent elements

Name Description
fetch The root element of a FetchXml query.

Child elements

Name Occurrences Description
all-attributes 0 or 1 Indicates that all column values for each row are returned. It is the same as not adding any attribute elements. We don't recommend using this element for most cases.
attribute 0 or many Specifies a column from an entity or link-entity to return with a query.
order 0 or many Specifies a sort order for the rows of the results.
link-entity 0 or many Joins a table related to the entity or link-entity to return more columns with the result.
filter 0 or 1 Specify complex conditions for an entity or link-entity to apply to a query.