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InstallExecute Action

The InstallExecute action runs a script containing all operations in the action sequence since either the start of the installation or the last InstallExecute action or InstallExecuteAgain action. The InstallExecute action updates the system without ending the transaction.

Sequence Restrictions

The InstallExecute action comes between the InstallInitialize action and the InstallFinalize action.

ActionData Messages

There are no ActionData messages.


The InstallExecuteAgain action does the same thing as the InstallExecute action. Because the sequence tables have only one primary key, the Action column, the same action cannot be repeated in a particular sequence table. Two actions exist that do the same thing, InstallExecute and InstallExecuteAgain, for cases where the functionality of InstallExecute is needed twice in the InstallExecuteSequence table. For more information, see Using a Sequence Table.