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Analytics Journey Tracker

The Analytics Journey Tracker is an accelerator designed to help your organization evaluate data and analytics capabilities and processes across several key pillars and is conducted across different levels of analytics maturity. [60-90 minutes]. Maturity Levels: (1) Initial - Capabilities at this level are seen as non-existent, unpredictable, poorly controlled, and reactive. (2) Evolving - Capabilities at this level are characterized as frequently reactive, ad-hoc and situational. (3) Acceptable - Capabilities at this level are well-characterized and well-understood which sees organization in a more proactive than reactive state. (4) Advanced - Capabilities at this level are seen as measured and controlled with organizations leveraging predictable processes that meet organizational goals. (5) Optimized - Capabilities at this level are seen as stable, flexible, frequently measured and fed back through iteration loop to adopt continued improvement and elasticity in responding to changes. The tracker acts as a Data Strategy Accelerator to guide you in identifying areas for improvement and to develop use-cases, initiatives and a roadmap for enhancing the organization's ability to generate insights and drive data-informed decision-making.


90 minutes


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Modtag organiseret og tilpasset vejledning, der passer til dine specifikke scenarier.


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