Prepare your IT staff for Microsoft Teams

Upgrade journey diagram, emphasizing the Technical Readiness stage.

This article is part of the Technical Readiness stage of your upgrade journey, an activity you complete in parallel with the User Readiness stage. Before proceeding, confirm that you've completed these activities from previous stages:

Your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization admins, technical leads, and support desk are accountable for driving a high-quality user experience. This includes ensuring that your network is ready to support Teams, configuring Teams for your users, and being able to effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues that might arise.

Share the following resources with your IT staff members, and confirm that they're ready to support users before you begin your upgrade to Teams:

An icon depicting decision points.
Decision points
  • Have you involved all support staff who are likely to be involved in deploying and supporting Teams?
  • Have you developed a training plan for onboarding additional staff as your upgrade progresses?
An icon depicting the next steps.
Next steps
  • Verify that IT staff has the information they need.
  • Revisit your training and preparation plans as new features are released.

After you've prepared your IT staff for Teams, verify that your environment meets all prerequisites.