data-set element

The dataset node in the component manifest represents a specific, configurable representation of a set of table records.

You can define multiple datasets in the manifest. The first dataset in the manifest is as the primary dataset. When configuring the multi dataset component, the primary dataset property always has name Items. All non-primary dataset properties will have a _Items suffix after the dataset name.

Certain features in the authoring panel will only apply to the primary dataset properties, such as data source selector, field selector, and view selector. To configure a non-primary dataset property, the maker needs to first import the data source to the app, then set the property value to that secondary data source. Property-set should be used for accessing columns in a non-primary dataset property.


Name Description Type Required Available for
description-key Defines the description of the property. string Optional Model-driven and canvas apps
display-name-key Defines the name of the property. string Yes Model-driven and canvas apps
name Name of the grid string Yes Model-driven and canvas apps
cds-data-set-options Displays the Commandbar, ViewSelector, QuickFind if set to true string Yes Model-driven apps

Parent Elements

Element Description
control Defines the component's namespace, version and display information.


 <data-set name="dataSetGrid" display-name-key="DataSetGridProperty" cds-data-set-options="displayCommandBar:true;displayViewSelector:true;displayQuickFind:true">

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