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Bing Maps for Enterprise service retirement

Bing Maps for Enterprise is deprecated and will be retired. Free (Basic) account customers can continue to use Bing Maps for Enterprise services until June 30th, 2025. Enterprise account customers can continue to use Bing Maps for Enterprise services until June 30th, 2028. To avoid service disruptions, all implementations using Bing Maps for Enterprise REST APIs and SDKs will need to be updated to use Azure Maps by the retirement date that applies to your Bing Maps for Enterprise account type.

Azure Maps is Microsoft's next-generation maps and geospatial services for developers. Azure Maps has many of the same features as Bing Maps for Enterprise, and more. To get started with Azure Maps, create a free Azure subscription and an Azure Maps account. For more information about azure Maps, see Azure Maps Documentation. For migration guidance, see Bing Maps Migration Overview.

Use the following resources to learn more about Bing Maps, get your questions answered, and get the latest announcements.

Resource Description
Bing Maps Forums Get your questions answered in the Bing Maps Forums.
Bing Maps Blog Get code samples, API announcements and guidance from the official Bing Maps Blog.
Bing Maps Resources Check out this page for Bing Maps developer resources.
Twitter (@BingMaps) Follow @BingMaps on Twitter to get the latest updates on the Bing Maps APIs.
Facebook Get interesting info on Bing Maps. Bing Maps is part of the Bing Facebook page.

Account Issues

If you are having issues when Creating a Bing Maps Account, Getting a Bing Maps Key, or have an account access question, contact

Licensing Questions

For information about free-use and enterprise licenses when using Bing Maps in your application, see the Bing Maps Licensing Tool or Contact Us.