Lifecycle FAQ - Dynamics

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What is the Lifecycle Policy for Microsoft Dynamics 365 products and services?

Dynamics 365 products are governed by both the Fixed and Modern lifecycle policies. For details about specific products, search the product lifecycle site.

What is the lifecycle for Dynamics AX products?

Mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Dynamics AX 2012, and Dynamics AX 2012 R2 ended on October 9, 2018. Security hotfixes were provided for those three versions through the extended support period, which ended on April 12, 2022. For more information, see Microsoft Lifecycle Policy.

Mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 ended on October 12, 2021. Only security hotfixes will continue to be provided through the extended support period that continues until January 10, 2023. For more information, see Microsoft Lifecycle Policy.

Customers are advised to upgrade to the latest version of finance and operations apps, such as Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce, and Project Operations:

  • Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1 customers should use the migration tool that is available.
  • Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics AX 2012 R2 customers should upgrade to finance and operations apps through Dynamics AX 2012 R3 using the upgrade tool that is available. For additional upgrade information, see Upgrade from AX 2012 to finance and operations apps.

What is the lifecycle for Dynamics SL 2018?

The end of Mainstream Support date for Dynamics SL 2018 was changed from July 11, 2023 to January 9, 2024. The end of support (end of Extended Support) remains July 11, 2028. Customers should consider migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central online.

What happens when a platform update, such as a new version of Microsoft Windows, introduces new functionality or data types that were never supported in the original release of a currently supported product?

Microsoft cannot guarantee that a new feature that is introduced exclusively in the new version of the platform will be supported in the older version. For example, if a new version of Microsoft Windows is released, the earlier version of Dynamics CRM would not necessarily support installation on the new operating system.

What is the Service Pack Policy for Microsoft Dynamics products?

When a Service Pack is released for a Microsoft Dynamics product, 24 months of support is provided for a previous service pack after a new service pack is released. See the Fixed Policy page for more information about the policy and associated timelines.

What is self-help online support for Microsoft Dynamics?

Whether a customer is being supported during the Mainstream Support phase or the Extended Support phase, self-help online support is available throughout a product's lifecycle and for a minimum of 12 months after the product reaches the end of support. Microsoft online Knowledge Base articles, FAQs, troubleshooting tools, and other resources, are provided to help customers resolve common issues. Online self-help information is available through CustomerSource, our customer website for Microsoft Dynamics and related products. Customers must be current on a service plan to access the site.

Is enrollment in a service plan required for customers to have rights to product updates and service packs?

Yes, enrollment in an Enhancement Plan or Software Assurance is required for customers to receive non-security updates, tax and regulatory releases, and service packs.

I used to be on a service plan and now it has expired. Can I get product upgrades and non-security updates that were released when I was current on the Enhancement Plan?

No. Customers only have access to product updates, service packs, non-security updates, and tax and regulatory releases for their purchased product during the time of their Enhancement Plan enrollment. For customers on Software Assurance, they have access to the version or hotfix released while they were active on Software Assurance.

How does the Lifecycle Policy cover tax and regulatory updates?

While active on a service plan, you will have access to tax and regulatory releases for the Microsoft Dynamics products that Microsoft makes generally commercially available. Updates for Microsoft Dynamics products that are supported by Microsoft will be released generally each fiscal year or on an as-needed basis for software in the Mainstream Support phase of its lifecycle. Local laws, market conditions and technical support requirements differ around the world.

Is the first year of the Enhancement Plan or Software Assurance enrollment mandatory?

Yes. Microsoft requires enrollment in the Enhancement Plan or Software Assurance upon purchase of your license with a Microsoft Dynamics solution. Enrollment in the Advantage Plan is also required the first year for customers purchasing Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Dynamics SL (only in regions where applicable). Go here to learn more.