AI in Copilot for Sales

AI in Copilot for Sales uses the power of generative AI to help you create content faster. It can create content for emails, summarize an email conversation, send a follow-up email with meeting summary, and much more.

Some of the AI capabilities of Copilot for Sales are:

  • Generate email content: Generate email content when you compose a new email or a reply to an existing email. Choose from pre-defined response categories or enter your own text, and the AI generates the suggested content. Meeting time is automatically added to the email content based on your calendar availability in Outlook. More information: Use Copilot to kickstart email messages

  • Refine generated content: To make modifications to the generated content, you can refine the results further by providing a new prompt that builds upon the previous suggestion. This allows you to fine-tune your email replies according to the needs and preferences. More information: Refine suggested content

  • Understand the data sources behind generated content: Hover over any highlighted areas of text to view the data sources behind generated content. More information: View CRM data

  • Summarize latest meeting: Generate a summary of your interaction, relevant action items, and next steps with a single click. Review the email, make any changes, and send it to all meeting participants.  More information: Create a sales meeting summary email

  • Email conversation summary: View the summary of an email conversation and save it to your CRM system as a note to an opportunity. More information: View and update CRM with email conversation summary

  • Opportunity summary: View a concise summary of the recent notes that were added to the opportunity so that you can quickly catch up on the latest updates and prepare for meetings with your customers. More information: View opportunity summary

Use AI without signing in to CRM

You can use the following AI capabilities without signing in to your CRM system:

  • Generate email content only when you compose a new email

  • View summary of an email conversation but can't save it to CRM

To use all AI capabilities and other exciting features of Copilot for Sales, you must sign in to your CRM.


This feature is available only for customers in United States and Europe.