Optimization providers on Azure Quantum

Azure Quantum offers various optimization targets to solve binary optimization problems on classical CPUs, GPUs and hardware annealers. There is no one algorithm that fits every optimization problem. Having a full portfolio is important when tuning optimization solutions for the best outcome and the highest impact.


Optimization targets can't run Q# applications or any other type of quantum computing program. Optimization solvers are optimization algorithms that run on specialized classical hardware.

For information on which optimization providers are available in your region, see Global availability of Azure Quantum providers.

Provider Description
logo of 1qbit 1QBit connects intractable industry problems to novel quantum-inspired optimization solutions that utilize the most advanced hardware. For more information, see the 1QBit provider reference page.
logo of Toshiba Toshiba’s Simulated Quantum Bifurcation Machine (SQBM+) is a practical and ready-to-use Ising model machine, a software solution to solve large-scale combinatorial optimization problems at high speed. For more information, see the Toshiba SQBM+ provider reference page.
logo of Microsoft Microsoft QIO offers ground-breaking optimization algorithms inspired by decades of quantum research. For more information, see the Microsoft QIO provider overview page.

Azure Quantum offers a broad range of solvers for optimization problems. However, it is not possible to determine which solver will perform best for a new optimization problem. You can explore the specifications of each target to develop your strategy, and in Which optimization solver should I use article you can find some guidelines to find a suitable solver by benchmarking.