Use and share certification badges

About digital badges

You will earn badges for passing exams that are part of a multiple-exam-certification and for earning certifications. Sharing your achievements with the world via a digital badge is a great way to let others know about your skills.

Badges are digital representations of your achievements, consisting of an image and metadata uniquely linked to you. When someone views your badge, they can learn more about your skills and verify the badge’s authenticity—providing an easy way for someone to confirm your skills.

When you share your digital badge on popular sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or when you embed it into your resume, personal website, or email signature, anyone who sees your badge will immediately recognize it as a trusted Microsoft validation of your achievement.

About the Credly platform

Microsoft partners with Credly to provide you with a way to manage, share, and verify your Microsoft Certifications. The platform also gives you labor market insights that can help you explore job opportunities that match your skills. Through Credly and their partner Gartner TalentNeuron™, you get 24/7 access to more than 25,000 global job boards and corporate career sites.

With the Credly platform you can:

  • Download your badge image and URL to embed in a resume, website, or email signature.
  • Easily share your exams and certifications with your professional network.
  • Learn which employers are looking for individuals with your skills.
  • Discover the salary you can expect in jobs that require your Microsoft skills.
  • Search for new job opportunities associated with your certification and apply in just a few clicks.
  • Explore labor market insights and job opportunities. Watch the video: Labor Market Insights to see how easy it is to quickly discover opportunities in your market.

To learn more, see our blog post Unlock Active Job Postings with Your Microsoft Certification.

How to claim your badge(s)

Claiming your Microsoft badge is simple, and you can claim it any time, even if you earned it in the past. After you’ve earned a badge, you’ll receive a notification email from Microsoft with information on how to claim it.

  1. Click the link in the email to claim your badge. This will take you to the Credly platform.
  2. Create an account on Credly. Use the same email address you used to set up your Microsoft Account.
  3. Confirm your account on Credly by clicking the link in a confirmation email that is generated after you set up your account.
  4. Claiming future badges is as easy as clicking the link in the notification email and logging into your Acclaim account.

If you no longer have the notification email to claim your badge, simply create an account on the Credly* platform using the same email address that Microsoft has on file for you. Your badge will be waiting in your account for you to claim.

*Please note this link will take you to Credly, a third party whose privacy practices differ from Microsoft’s. If you provide personal data to Credly, your data is governed by their privacy statement.

How to automatically accept badges from Credly

From the Credly platform, adjust your account settings to automatically accept badges issued to you. Watch this step-by-step process in the Credly video “How do I manage and share my digital badge?” Note that while the video shows badge email notifications coming from Credly, your email notifications will come from Microsoft.

How to share your badge

Anytime you learn a new Microsoft skill or earn a Microsoft Certification in your field, it’s an accomplishment worth sharing and celebrating with your network.

After you claim your Microsoft Certification badge, to share it and your certification status:

  1. Go to the Credly platform, either through your Microsoft Certification Dashboard or through the link in your badge claim email from Microsoft.
  2. Sign in to your Credly account.
  3. To go to the “Share your badge” page, select Share.
  4. To share your badge on social media (such as LinkedIn) or to embed it in your résumé, email signature, or personal website, use the one-click sharing features on this page.

Exams and certifications eligible for a badge

We issue badges for all active exams and certifications in the Microsoft Certification program with the following exceptions:

  • In cases where passing one exam results in a certification, a badge is issued for the certification rather than the exam.
  • Badges are not available for some of our legacy exams and certifications. If you do not see a badge for a legacy exam or certification in your Credly profile, we did not issue one for that exam or certification.

If you earned a badge for an exam or certification that has been retired, you can still claim your badge via Credly’s platform.

Frequently asked questions about badges

Is there a cost associated with claiming, managing, or sharing my Microsoft badge?

No. This is a free service that Microsoft provides.

How is my credential displayed as a Microsoft badge?

Credly’s platform uses the Open Badges standards defined by IMS Global to translate your credential into a digital image associated with metadata uniquely connected to you. This standard allows you to easily share your digital badge online in a way that can be verified by employers and others who are interested in your skills.

My newer badge looks different from the ones I’ve earned previously. What changed?

The look and feel of our badges were updated to align with the look and feel the badges that you can earn across all of Microsoft. The new design has the same functionality as before.

What if I do not want my Microsoft badge to be made public?

You are in control of how and when your badge is made public. You can adjust the privacy settings in your account on the Credly platform to make your profile and badges private. You are not required to accept your badges and may disregard the notification emails if you do not wish to participate in the Microsoft badge program.

If I have questions about my Microsoft badge, whom can I contact?

Visit: Certification support.

If you have any questions about the Credly platform or about how to claim your badge, reference resources in the Credly Help Center or submit a help request.

What if I earned a Microsoft badge through Certiport but have not yet received my badge?

Please contact Certiport to inquire about your missing badge.

Please note: When badge earners are missing badges from Certiport, it is often due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The default language in your Certiport account is something other than English.
  2. You have two accounts in Certiport’s certification system.

It may help to mention to Certiport support if you believe one of these might be the issue to assist with troubleshooting.

What happens to my badge if an exam or certification is retired?

If you earned a badge for an exam or certification that was chosen to be part of the digital badge program but was later retired, you can still accept the badge via Credly’s platform.