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With 91% of hiring managers using certifications as a criterion when evaluating candidates, it is clear that employers value certifications. Prove your technical know-how and stand out from the crowd with a Microsoft Certification. Eligible students can take certification exams at a discounted academic price.

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Foundational C# Certification with freeCodeCamp

Learn the fundamentals of C# through hands-on exercises and projects. By the end of this course, you will have gained the practical skills and knowledge needed to confidently leverage C# for building applications.

Azure for Students

Build in the cloud for free with Azure for Students! Claim your USD100 Azure credit to build apps, explore AI, work with big data sets and much more—no credit card required. Get access to 55+ services for free.

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Stand out with Microsoft Certifications!

Microsoft Certifications start with foundational skills, but additional topics are covered ranging from Azure to AI, to data analytics and cybersecurity so you can acquire the technical skills you will need to perform industry roles.

Step 1: Sign into Microsoft Learn and create your student profile

Sign into Microsoft Learn with your personal Microsoft account and select "student" as the role in your profile. You can now begin tracking progress on learning activities, creating and sharing content collections, accruing points and achievements, using free Azure resources, and getting personalized recommendations.

Step 2: Determine which Fundamentals Certification is right for you and start learning

We’re committed to ensuring that every person who’s interested in taking Microsoft Certification exams can do so in a way that is fair and accurately reflects their skills and abilities. Learn more about requesting accomodations

Step 3: Earn your Microsoft Certifications at a discounted price by verifying your student status​

Microsoft provides discounted exam vouchers and practice assessments to eligible students. To start, verify your enrollment at an accredited academic institution.

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Step 4: Once you’re certified...

  • Earn college credit

    Get even more credit for your new skills. Students can now receive college credits for passing Microsoft Exams and earning Microsoft Certifications.

  • Share your certification achievements

    Celebrate your success! You worked hard to earn your certification. Now, be sure to share your new achievement with the world via a digital badge.

  • Follow the Microsoft Learn Blog

    Follow the Microsoft Learn Blog to hear stories of how Microsoft Certifications have changed people’s career paths—even at the beginning of their professional lives or as they start new careers. These personal stories highlight how getting certified can demonstrate your expertise and capacity for continuous learning, right from the start of your career in tech.