Manage Interactions for Segments

The Segment page is a type of worksheet where you can:

  • Create segments.
  • Save the segmentation criteria you have used to select contacts.
  • Log the segment and record interactions involving the contacts within the segment.


There are several ways to create segments:

  • You can manually enter the contacts you want to include in the segment in the segment lines.
  • You can select contacts.
  • You can reuse a logged segment as the basis to create a new one.
  • You can reuse saved segmentation criteria.


On the Segment page, you can create interactions for several contacts simultaneously. For example, you can merge a segment with a Microsoft Word document, so that you can send a letter to all the contacts in the segment.

You can specify information about the interaction for the segment on the Segment header. For example, you can decide which interaction template you want to use for all the contacts, specify a description, a correspondence type, and so on. However, you can modify this information in the segment line for each particular contact, for example, by specifying another description for one contact. If you are merging a segment with a Microsoft Word document, you can personalise the document to be sent for one or several of the contacts within the segment, for example, by adding individualised comments to the document.


On the Segment page, when you choose Log, the application records the interactions on the Interaction Log Entry page, and logs the segment. After you have logged the segment, you can only find it on the Logged Segments page.

On the Logged Segments page, you can decide to create a follow-up segment containing the same contacts as the segment you have logged.

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