Microsoft Teams adoption phase 1 - Start

You'll start your Teams adoption with the following activities:

The primary goal of this phase is to ensure your readiness for the experimentation phase. You'll also determine if you need assistance from Microsoft or from our network of skilled partners.

Validate adoption prerequisites

Review our adoption prerequisites and work with the technical team to meet them if necessary. We'll address deeper technical requirements within each adoption scenario.

Assemble your team

The table below lists the core roles for your project team. In a smaller organization, some of these roles may be carried out by the same person.

Role Responsibilities Department
Executive Sponsor1 Communicate high-level vision. Connect Teams implementation to core mission and priority initiatives at the company. Executive Leadership
Success Owner1 Ensure the business goals are realized from the Teams rollout. Any department
Program Manager1 Oversee the entire Teams launch execution and rollout process. IT
Champions1 Help evangelize Teams, support skill building, and provide usage insights. Multiple departments
Training Lead Manage and communicate training content about Teams. IT or other
Department Leads (Stakeholders)2 Identify how specific departments will use Teams and encourage engagement. Any department (management)
IT Specialists1 Oversee all technical aspects of implementation, including integrations. IT
Communication Lead2 Oversee company-wide communications about Teams. Corporate Communications, IT, or other
Community Manager Manage day-to-day Viva Engage network activity. Provide guidance and best practices. Multiple departments

1These roles are essential to the success of your project.
2These roles are important for the overall program success.

In most cases, this initial team should be a small group of like-minded people who are interested in Teams and may also be accountable for its implementation. As your adoption plan moves on to additional phases, you'll include more people in your team. We also suggest that you take advantage of the Microsoft resources that are available to assist you.

Additional resources

The Microsoft Technical Community delivers peer-provided insights into adoption and technical issues for many Microsoft 365 and Office 365 products. We suggest that you join the following communities:

  • Microsoft Teams Technical Community – Get product questions answered, learn from other Teams customers, and follow our blog to stay up to date on new features and use cases for Teams.
  • Champions Program and the Driving Adoption community – Learn from your peers about how to best drive adoption of Microsoft 365 or Office 365 workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, Viva Engage, and other products. Open to IT Pros, business users, the “accidental” developer, and anyone interested in driving adoption of cloud services.

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