The Azure Database for PostgreSQL -flexible server metric connections_failed doesn't always have a value

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Hello everyone,

I have faced an issue regarding Azure Database for PostgreSQL -flexible server metrics, which I hoped someone here can help me solve it.

I have an Azure Database for PostgreSQL - flexible server, which has an alert configured on it, so I will be notified if the number of failed connections on the server exceeds a threshold, it uses the connections_failed metric, that is supposedly enabled by default. My problem is, that this metric seems to not have any value for when there are no failed connections (no zero, just emptiness) as seen below:

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 12.42.51

This means, if there are failed connections, the metric recognizes them and my alert is fired, but the alert will never actually moves to "Resolved" state, because somehow as soon as the failed connections reach zero, there is no value to compare the threshold with and the alert stays open indefinitely, even though there are no failed connections on the database.

Is this common knowledge and should be like this by design? And if yes, how can I actually modify my alert to be "Resolved" once there is no value in the metric table?

I thank anyone who can help me with this issue in advance.

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