Microsoft Certified Trainer


The MCT Program Enrollment Tool is temporarily offline. A manual application process to enroll in the MCT Program is being offered during this downtime. Your ISC Provider has authorization to initiate the manual application process on your behalf. Contact your ISC Provider to enroll in the MCT Program using the temporary manual application process.

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. When you join this esteemed group of worldwide training professionals, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to Microsoft benefits and readiness resources designed to enhance your training career and engage with Microsoft teams. Microsoft Training Services Partners are required to deliver official Microsoft courseware using Microsoft Certified Trainers. Membership in the MCT Program qualifies you to deliver this official Microsoft courseware in our customer skilling ecosystem.

The Microsoft Certified Trainer status is an annual membership program for professionals who train Microsoft customers on our company’s technologies. You must meet program enrollment or renewal requirements, complete the online application, and agree to the MCT Program Agreement each year to remain enrolled in the MCT Program. (Note: The MCT Program annual fee is currently being waived for all new and renewing program members as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enrollment in the MCT Program will be paused from May 20 to October 1 to allow for system and process enhancements. Contact the Instructional Skills Certificate Provider used to fulfill the MCT instructional skills requirement to determine if your application can be processed prior to October 1.

MCT Program Value

Software and discounts

Active MCTs receive access to software licenses, service credits, exam discounts, and other benefits designed to help them prepare for Microsoft course deliveries and enhance their technical expertise. MCT benefits must be used in accordance with the legal requirements defined in the MCT Program Agreement and all related Microsoft software licensing and resource policies. Explore all the benefits available to MCTs.

MCT Lounge community platform

MCTs and MCT Alumni have access to MCT Lounge, a gated community within the Microsoft Tech Community. MCT Lounge offers exclusive access to the following resources:

  • MCT Program meetings
  • Continuous updates on Microsoft courseware
  • Professional development libraries with technical and instructional resources
  • Opportunities to provide input and engage in discussion with Microsoft teams
  • Connections to Microsoft Training Services Partners
  • Discussion forums with MCT Program leaders and fellow MCTs.

Resources and tools offered within MCT Lounge are continuously updated, creating a dynamic experience where MCTs expand their knowledge on Microsoft technologies and enhance their instructional skills.

To join this dedicated MCT community space, MCTs must first request access and be verified as an active MCT Program member. Active MCTs and MCT Alumni can follow the MCT Lounge Access Request process to join MCT Lounge and get involved in the community.

Connection to Microsoft teams and partners

Through the MCT Lounge community space, Microsoft Certified Trainers can learn from our company’s teams and connect with Training Services Partners. Virtual and in-person events with Microsoft employees give MCTs the inside track on our products, courseware, and global events. Training Services Partners also have a presence in MCT Lounge, allowing them to post job opportunities and create connections to the MCTs they seek to hire for customer trainings. Being an MCT will offer you connections in Microsoft and our skilling ecosystem.

MCT Program Enrollment

Are you ready to become an MCT or reinstate a previous MCT status? We’re excited to have you as part of our world-class community of trainers.

Enrollment Instructions

  • New MCT Enrollment - Visit this page for step-by-step instructions on achieving MCT career status. Please note that from May 28-October 1, 2024, the MCT Enrollment process will require you to contact your Instructional Skills Certificate Provider. Your ISCP organization will confirm your completion of an ISC program and initiate the application process.
  • MCT Renewal or Reinstatement – Visit this page if you are a current or prior MCT to review the instructions for re-enrolling in the MCT Program.

MCT Lounge Access

Once approved for membership in the MCT Program, all MCTs must join MCT Lounge, our online community. MCT Lounge provides professional development resources and important announcements MCTs need to remain informed of Microsoft updates and engaged with MCT opportunities. When your MCT application has been approved, follow the steps provided at and check the MCT Lounge regularly.

MCT Alumni Program

For over three decades, MCTs have been at the forefront of Microsoft technology training and adoption. In recognition of their significant contributions, we offer the MCT Alumni program. This program is for all MCTs in good standing with Microsoft who no longer train as part of the MCT program but wish to maintain their relationship with the MCT community.

MCTs may choose to discontinue their active MCT Program membership and switch to the MCT Alumni Program. The MCT Alumni program will never require an annual fee, and it allows members to retain two important MCT Program benefits:

  • Access to MCT Lounge to help former MCTs stay connected to MCT Program activities and announcements
  • Discounts on exams to ease former MCTs ability to earn current Microsoft certifications and facilitate their re-entry into the MCT program in the future.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the MCT Alumni Program, please review the MCT Alumni Program Agreement to understand the terms of membership.

Apply for MCT Alumni membership or change your active MCT status to the Alumni status through the MCT enrollment tool. If you require support in this process, visit the MCT Support forum available at

MCT Program and Microsoft Credentials Support

To access support for the MCT Program and the Microsoft Credentials Program, visit the moderated support forums available at On this support page, these Microsoft support resources are available:

  • MCT Support forum is focused on helping MCT candidates or active MCTs in need of assistance with MCT applications, benefits, access to MCT tools, and general questions about the MCT program.
  • Microsoft Credentials forum allows users to post issues related to Microsoft certifications, exams, and Microsoft Learn credentials.

Current MCTs can also review the MCT Support Resources page in our MCT Lounge platform. To access this page, MCTs will need to join the MCT Lounge by following the steps in the Request MCT Access guide.