CollectionView.NewItemPlaceholder Property


Gets the object that is in the collection to represent a new item.

 static property System::Object ^ NewItemPlaceholder { System::Object ^ get(); };
public static object NewItemPlaceholder { get; }
static member NewItemPlaceholder : obj
Public Shared ReadOnly Property NewItemPlaceholder As Object

Property Value

The object that is in the collection to represent a new item.


When a CollectionView that implements IEditableCollectionView has NewItemPlaceholderPosition set to AtBeginning or AtEnd, the NewItemPlaceholder is added to the collection. The NewItemPlaceholder always appears in the collection; it does not participate in grouping, sorting, or filtering.

The CurrentItem cannot be the NewItemPlaceholder. Methods that perform relative navigation, such as the MoveCurrentToNext, skip the NewItemPlaceholder. MoveCurrentToFirst and MoveCurrentToLast skip the NewItemPlaceholder if NewItemPlaceholderPosition is set to AtBeginning or AtEnd, respectively. Methods that perform absolute navigation, such as MoveCurrentToPosition, do nothing if the NewItemPlaceholder would be the CurrentItem.

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