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There are different ways to customise the application to give you and your colleagues access to the features, functionality, and data that you need most, in a manner that bests suits your daily work. Those who see the changes will depend on what you do, as described in this table.


In addition to what administrators can customise, users can personalise their pages by adding, moving, or removing fields, freeze panes, parts, and more. For more information, see Personalise Your Workspace.

What you can do Description Who sees the changes More information
Change users' workspace by customising their assigned role. Change the user interface for a profile (role) so that all users of that role see a customised workspace. Control and manage users' personalisation by disabling the ability to personalise pages and clearing any page personalisation. All users in a specific company. Customise Pages for Profiles
Change which UI elements are visible. The Experience setting determines how much of the functionality is displayed in the user interface. Choose between Essential and Premium. All users in a specific company. Change Which Features are Displayed
Enable colours on Role Centres to signal importance. Set up Cues that appear on users' Role Centres to include an indicator that changes colour based on the values in the Cues. All users in a specific company. Set Up a Coloured Indicator on Cues
Install an app Install apps that add functionality, change behaviour, provide access to new online services, and more. For example, Microsoft provides an app that provides integration with PayPal Payments Standard. All users in all companies. Customising with Apps


All feature descriptions in user documentation for Business Central assume the Premium experience, meaning the descriptions cover the full scope of UI elements. Therefore, users with the Essential experience may in some topics read about functionality and UI elements that are not visible in their user interface. For more information, see Change Which Features are Displayed.

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