Customising Business Central Online with Apps

You can change Business Central online by installing apps that add functionality, changes behaviour, or gives you access to new online services, for example. These apps are also called extensions because they extend Business Central.

Manage apps


Security groups are new to Business Central in 2023 release wave 1. They're similar to the user groups that this article mentions. Like user groups, administrators assign the permissions to the security group that its members need to do their jobs.

User groups will no longer be available in a future release. You can continue using user groups to manage permissions until then. To learn more about security groups, go to Control Access to Business Central Using Security Groups.

When you first launch Business Central, some apps are already installed for you. Over time, more apps will be made available to you, and you can then choose if you want to use the app or not.

For example, Microsoft provides an app that provides integration with PayPal Payments Standard. This extension is installed by default. But if another extension is made available that offers integration with another payment service, you can install the new extension and then choose which of the two services to use.

To use the functionality that is provided by an app, such as opening pages, running reports, selecting actions, and so on, you must be assigned the permission sets that are installed as part of the app.

To install or uninstall apps from AppSource or add per-tenant extensions, you must have the right permissions. You must either be a member of the D365 Extension Mgt. user group, or you must have the EXTEN. MGT. - ADMIN permission set explicitly. If you are an administrator, you can assign user groups and permissions to other users in your company. For more information, see Create Users According to Licences.


For Business Central on-premises, you cannot upload per-tenant extensions or install AppSource apps through the Extension Management page. You cannot install AppSource apps on-premises, including in Docker-based deployments.

You manage the apps on the Extension Management page. You can access this page from Home. Alternatively, choose the Search for Page or Report icon Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature in the top right corner, enter Extension, and then choose the related link. For more information, see Install and Uninstall apps.


If you think you should have access to an app but you cannot find its functionality, check the Extension Management page - if the app is not listed there, you can install it as described in the following section.


Sign in to using the email account that you use for Business Central online. Use the same email account for other services and products for a smooth experience.

You can also get to the marketplace from inside Business Central. On the Extension Management page, you can see the apps that are currently installed, and you can open the Extension Marketplace page that shows the Business Central apps that are currently available in AppSource. If you choose the More apps link, you are taken to

If you choose an app, you can read about what the app does, and you can access Help for the app to learn more. When you choose to get an app, you must agree to the terms of use. If you get the app from the AppSource website, you will be signed in to Business Central to complete the installation.

When you install an app, you might have to set it up, such as specifying an account for use with the PayPal Payments Standard for Business Central extension. Other apps simply add fields to an existing page, or they add a new page, for example.

If you uninstall an app, and you then change your mind, you can install it again. When you uninstall an app that you have been using, the data is preserved so that if you install the app again, your data is still available. There are some apps that are required. You are prevented from uninstalling these from the Extension Management page. If you try, an error message appears.

Some apps are provided by Microsoft, and other apps are provided by other companies. All apps are tested before they are made available to you, but we recommend that you access the links that are provided with each extension to learn more about the app before you choose to install it.


You can keep an eye out for new apps from Microsoft and other suppliers at

Apps and data transfer

Because the following apps communicate with other services, they might transfer data out of the geography of the Business Central environment:

  • AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals Extension
  • Image Analyser
  • Late Payment Prediction
  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • Sales and Inventory Forecast
  • WorldPay Payments Standard

This also applies to some functionality in the base application, such as the following capabilities:

  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Document Exchange Service
  • Dataverse connections
  • OCR Service
  • Online Map
  • EU VAT Reg. No. Service

Connect your business

Starting in 2022 release wave 2, Business Central online environments can list one or more apps on the Connectivity Apps and Banking Apps pages. These apps can connect your business to external services that increase productivity by automating processes. For example, you can connect to your banks and automatically import bank transactions. The apps are easy to install and set up directly from this page. Choose an app to learn more about capabilities and pricing.

View the list of suggested apps by choosing the Connectivity Apps action in the Extension Management page.


The first person to open the Connectivity Apps page must allow the extension to connect to an external service. Allow the connection once or always. If you choose to block the connection, you must find the relevant apps on AppSource.

This external service will generate a list of relevant apps based on your country or region

Microsoft partners and resellers can create an app that they can use to compile lists of apps that they often recommend to their customers. If they do, and have deployed the app to your tenant, the apps will be available on the Recommended Apps page. There you can read about each app and decide whether to install them.


If you are a Microsoft partner or reseller, and you're interested in providing a list of recommended apps, see Recommend Apps from AppSource in the administration content.

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