Open the administration settings

Administrators use settings to fine-tune application behavior, set defaults, manage users, enable webinars, check quotas, and more. If you also use Dynamics 365 Sales, many of the settings you find here also apply to that app, though some settings are unique to Sales or Marketing.

  1. If you haven't already done so, sign in to Dynamics 365 Marketing as a user with administrator privileges. Then use the app-selector menu to open the Marketing app.

    The app-selector menu.

  2. Expand the work-area area menu at the bottom of the side navigator and select Settings.

    Open the Settings work area.

  3. The side navigator is updated to show pages available in the Settings work area, with Settings overview selected.

Work with the administration settings

The settings overview.

  • Use the left navigation pane to navigate between settings pages, which are organized into sections. Select an entry under a heading to open the related settings page.
  • When you first open the Settings page, the main part of the window provides the same sections as the left navigation pane, and provides icons for opening the same settings pages that are also available in the navigator.

See the subtopics in this section for details about how to work with each group of settings provided on the Settings page.

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