CPP role-based access

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Admin agent | Report viewer | Executive report viewer

Reports at the Insights dashboard are available only to users who have the Executive report viewer or Report viewer roles.

  • Executive report viewers have access to all reporting datasets.
  • Report viewers have access to all reporting datasets except those with sensitive data, such as revenue and customer/employee personal data.

A Global admin or an Account admin can assign users to these roles on the User management page. The roles can be assigned to grant access an entire organization or only to specific Microsoft Cloud Partner Program locations.

Shows location-specific Partner Center Insights roles settings for Report viewer and Executive report viewer.


MPN Partner admins are automatically assigned the Executive report viewer role for the entire organization for a tenant.
Therefore, MPN Partner admins automatically have Executive report viewer access for the entire organization without any action required by a Global admin or Account admin.
However, Global admins and Account admins can override auto-assigned roles.

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