Teams usage report - Cloud product performance

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Admin agent | Report viewer | Executive report viewer

The Teams usage report presents metrics related to your Teams workloads that you sold or manage for your customers. You can view the following sections from the Teams usage report.

  • Summary
  • Conversations trend
  • Teams usage by workloads
  • Top customers by usage


This report is available from the Insights dashboard. To view this report, you must be assigned a specific role in Partner Center, such as Global admin, Account admin, Report viewer, or Executive report viewer. For more information, see your company's Global admin. Specific types of data in this report might also be available only to users with Executive report viewer privileges.


The summary section presents a snapshot view of the key indicators related to Teams workloads sold or managed by you for your customers.

  • Customers: Distinct count of customers using Teams as a workload for the selected duration.

  • Meeting count: Number of Teams meetings conducted by your customers.

  • Daily average meeting count per customer: Daily average meeting count per customer.

  • Meeting duration (hours): Total meeting duration in hours.

  • Average meeting duration (minutes): Average meeting duration in minutes.

Teams usage summary.

Conversations trend

The Conversations trend report shows the monthly trend of Teams meetings, calls, and phone systems along with average meeting duration in minutes. You can view it when you choose AllUp in the options in the Teams usage by workloads widget.

teams usage conversation trends.

Teams usage by workloads

The Teams usage by workloads report shows the monthly split of desktop, mobile, and web users of Teams split by workloads.

Teams usage by workloads.

Top customers by usage

The Top customers by usage report shows the usage of top customers for Teams meetings, calls, and phone systems and third-party apps.

Top customers by usage.

You can view the Teams apps used by the Customers in the Apps section along with the User count.

Top customers by usage by apps.

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