Get started with the Azure Quickstart Center

Azure Quickstart Center is a guided experience in the Azure portal. Available to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Azure. For organizations new to Azure, it's the fastest way to onboard and set up your cloud environment.

Use Quickstart Center

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. In the search bar, type "Quickstart Center", and then select it.

    Or, select All services from the Azure portal menu, then select General > Get started > Quickstart Center.

Once you're in Quickstart Center, you'll see three tabs: Get started, Projects and guides, and Take an online course.

Get started

If you're new to Azure, use the checklist in the Get started to get familiar with some basic tasks and services. Watch videos and use the links to explore more about topics like using basic account features, estimating costs, and deploying different types of resources.

Projects and guides

In the Projects and guides tab, you'll find two sections:

  • Start a project: If you're ready to create a resource, this section lets you learn more about your choices before you commit to an option. Select Start for any service to see options, learn more about scenarios, explore costs, and identify prerequisites. After making your choices, you can go directly to create.

  • Setup guides: Designed for the IT admin and cloud architect, our guides introduce key concepts for Azure adoption. Structured steps help you take action as you learn, applying Microsoft's recommended best practices. Our guides walk you through deployment scenarios to help you set up, manage, and secure your Azure environment, including migrating workloads to Azure.

Take an online course

The Take an online course tab of the Azure Quickstart Center highlights free introductory course modules.

Select a tile to launch a course and learn more about cloud concepts and managing resources in Azure. You can also select Browse to see all courses, learning paths and modules.

Next steps