Create change history reports for SharePoint sites

Some features in this article require Microsoft Syntex - SharePoint Advanced Management


This feature is currently rolling out and may not yet be fully available for all organizations.

You can create change history reports in the SharePoint admin center to review SharePoint site property changes made within the last 180 days.

Create up to five reports for a given date range and filter by sites and users. You can download the report as a .csv file to view the site property changes.

screenshot of change history report dashboard.


You can export data for up to 180 days with a change history report depending on the user license. The report may contain data for users that go back 180 days as well as data for others that don’t. Since the type of user license isn’t shown on the report, it may appear as if data is missing for some users.


Admins assigned the global reader role do not have the permissions to create or delete a report but can download to review the changes.


To access and use this feature, your organization must have the following subscription:

Create a change history report

  1. To create a change history report, go to the Change history page and select Create new report.

  2. A panel appears where you can specify the type of information you want to include in your change history report. Select Create report to generate a new report.

  3. The new report is listed on the change history page. Select the report to open the change history report panel and monitor its status.

  4. Once the report is created, select Download report to export the data as a .csv file. The Create a copy button allows you to create more reports with similar parameters.

    Screenshot of a change report downloaded as .csv file.


The report will take hours to generate depending on the search criteria selected when creating the report.

View a change history report

To view change history reports, expand Reports and select Change history.

You can create new reports, delete, and refresh their statuses from the change history page. This page can only show five reports at a time. The best practice is to delete a previous report before creating a new one.

screenshot of change history dashboard with a prefilled new report panel

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