Extensible hybrid app launcher

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The extensible hybrid app launcher helps users to have a more seamless experience when navigating between SharePoint Server and Microsoft 365.

What does it do?

The extensible hybrid app launcher is designed to help you get to your Microsoft 365 apps and services from SharePoint Server. After you enable this feature, the Office 365 Delve and Video apps appear, along with your custom Microsoft 365 tiles, in your SharePoint Server app launcher.

Hybrid app launcher on a SharePoint Server site

How do I customize tiles in my app launcher?

Custom tiles that you've pinned to your Microsoft 365 app launcher also appears in your SharePoint Server app launcher.

If you want to change what you see in your SharePoint Server app launcher, make the change in the Microsoft 365 app launcher, and the changes will be reflected in the SharePoint Server app launcher within a day or so.

(You can also customize your SharePoint Server app launcher separately.)

How can I enable this feature?

In SharePoint Server 2016, this feature is enabled as part of Hybrid Sites Features. See Hybrid sites features and OneDrive for details.

In SharePoint Server 2013, this feature is enabled using Windows PowerShell. It requires the July 2016 PU for SharePoint Server 2013. See the hybrid sites features roadmap for details.