Set up official campaigns in Viva Engage

Campaigns are an interactive way to drive employee engagement. They provide power to build company culture, community, and belonging.

Viva Engage offers two types of campaigns: Official campaigns, which are available to the entire organization, and community campaigns, which are exclusive to the community’s membership. Learn more how community admins can create, manage, and delete community campaigns here.

Use this article to create, manage, and delete official campaigns. You must have Microsoft 365 Global admin, Engage admin, or corporate communicator permissions to do this.


Campaigns are only available in Viva Engage Premium. Learn more about licensing here.

Access the offical campaign dashboard


Unlicensed admins can only access the campaign management dashboard to delete campaigns.

In the Viva Engage Teams application, select the ellipses button from the top navigation menu. Select Admin to go to the Viva Engage admin center.

Set up a campaign

In the Engage Teams application, select the ellipses button from the top navigation menu to expose the admin option. Select Admin to go to the Viva Engage admin center.

Screenshot of the entrypoint into the Viva Engage admin center.

Select Campaigns on the Feature management tab to access the campaign dashboard.

Screenshot of the interface to manage campaigns in the Viva Engage admin center.

The campaign dashboard provides a list of active, ended, and draft campaigns created for the organization. From this page, you can create and edit campaigns or access campaign analytics for better understanding of the campaigns' performance and engagement.

Create and publish an official campaign

  1. Select Create campaign in the upper-right corner of the campaign dashboard.

  2. Fill in the fields according to your campaign goals.

    • Campaign hashtag is a required field. The campaign hashtag is the campaign name and appears on the campaign landing page.
    • Default publisher is the post type (discussion, question, poll, or praise) the publisher defaults to when users post on the campaign landing page. For example, if you set your default publisher to Question, a question format will automatically appear to the user when they post from the campaign landing page.
    • Theme color lets you customize the color of the campaign hashtag.
    • Add co-organizers to help you manage the campaign. Learn more about the co-organizer role and their permissions here.
  3. Select Confirm to save your changes. The campaign is in draft state until you publish.

  4. To make a campaign active and available to the organization, select the ellipses button on the campaign management dashboard, and select Publish campaign.

Screenshot of the UI dropdown to publish and delete a campaign.

The campaign landing page is visible to any Viva Engage licensed user who selects a post or comment that has the verified campaign hashtag.

End or delete an official campaign

When an official campaign ends, the follow button and default publisher on the campaign landing page are disabled. Users can still post in communities and storylines using the verified campaign hashtag, and those posts appear on the campaign landing page.

  1. In Viva Engage, select the ellipses icon and then select Admin.

  2. From the Feature management tab, select Campaigns.

  3. Select the campaign, and in the Actions column select the ellipses icon, and select End campaign or Delete. Screenshot of the analytics entrypoint at the top navigation of Engage.


The three official campaigns that appear in the Top campaigns module on the right side of your home page are ordered based on number of followers. When you follow a campaign, it's removed from Top campaigns and replaced by a new campaign.

Build awareness for official campaigns

Users can discover offical campaigns through posts that contain the verified campaign hashtag or through the campaigns discovery modules throughout Viva Engage. To participate in an official campaign from the Home feed, users can create or comment on a post by using the verified campaign hashtag in a community, on a storyline, or from the official campaign landing page.

  • Verified campaign hashtag

    • When users select a post or comment that contains the verified campaign hashtag, they're routed to the official campaign landing page, where they can follow the campaign.


    To build campaign awareness and reach, campaign managers and leaders across the organization are encouraged to share as many posts as possible with the verified campaign hashtag to their storyline and communities. You can also share the campaign link through posts, emails, and Microsoft Teams chats for users to easily access the campaign landing page.

  • Campaigns modules

    • Top campaigns module: On the right side of the Home feed, the Top campaigns module shows active official campaigns with the highest number of followers.
    • Followed campaigns module: When a user follows an official campaign, they see a Followed campaigns module on the right side of their storyline.

Manage official campaign analytics and engagement

Engage admin and corporate communicators have access to analytics that help monitor campaign engagement and improve future campaigns. They can access campaign analytics from the analytics icon on the top navigation menu of Engage, the campaign management dashboard, and the campaign landing page.

Screenshot of the analytics entrypoint at the top navigation of Engage.

  • From the campaign management dashboard, select the graph icon in the right column under Actions to navigate to campaign analytics.

    Screenshot of the entrypoint to campaign analytics from the campaign dashboard.

  • From the campaign landing page, select View more analytics from the Summary analytics module to navigate to campaign analytics.

    Screenshot of the campaigns analytics entrypoint from campaign landing page.

    You're redirected to the campaign analytics dashboard, which contains key data to help monitor the success of your campaign.

    Screenshot of the campaign analytics page for admins in Engage.

Remove a post

Corporate communicators and Engage admins can remove a post from an official campaign if it doesn't align with the campaign's purpose. This action removes the post from the official campaign landing page without affecting the original post on either the storyline or community. If you remove a post in error, you can make it reappear on the campaign page by adding a comment with the campaign hashtag to the original post.

Screenshot of the post menu where you can find the Remove command.

Export campaign data

Engage administrators can use a network data export to get a record of all campaigns in the network. The campaigns.csv file stores attributes, such as community IDs and campaign IDs, for both official and community campaigns created on the network. For more details, see Export network data.

Corporate communicator privileges

Corporate communicators can perform the following functions to manage official campaigns:

  • Publish official campaigns as Active and visible to all users in the network
  • Set Active campaigns to Ended when a campaign is finished
  • Republish Ended campaigns as Active for recurring campaigns
  • Delete official campaigns that aren't relevant or were made by mistake
  • Remove posts from the official campaign landing page if they aren't relevant
  • Update certain assets on a campaign page such as:
    • Goal tracker
    • Cover photo
    • Pinned posts
    • Pinned resources and links
    • Theme color of the campaign hashtag
  • View campaign analytics
  • Assign campaign co-organizers
  • Define leaders


The corporate communicator must manually update the goal tracker asset.

Frequently asked questions

Can I create a campaign for a hashtag that's already in use?

If a hashtag is in use by another official campaign---even if that campaign has ended---the hashtag is unavailable for reuse. If the hashtag is in use by an unpublished campaign, it's available, but any content created before the campaign becomes Active isn't included in views or analytics.

How often are campaign analytics refreshed?

Analytics are refreshed daily. If you don’t see changes reflected immediately, check analytics the next day.

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