Overview of the Engage admin center

As an admin, the Engage admin center (found within the Viva Engage app on Teams) is where you can find everything you need to plan your rollout, set up and customize Viva Engage for your tenant, manage security and compliance, and build engagement within your organization.

Through this experience you can:

  • Plan who will help administer Engage for your organization by managing the various admin roles
  • Set up your Engage tenant by customizing your network, set up usage policy, and manage user permissions
  • Manage your organizations data retention and export plans
  • Explore the options for managing various core and premium features within Viva Engage

Navigate to the Engage admin center by selecting the ellipses button from the top navigation of Viva Engage. From the dropdown menu, select Admin to enter the admin experience.

Image of the entrypoint into the Engage admin center.

Image of the Engage admin center experience that admin will see.

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