Install ATA - Step 3

Applies to: Advanced Threat Analytics version 1.9

Step 3: Download the ATA Gateway setup package

After configuring the domain connectivity settings, you can download the ATA Gateway setup package. The ATA Gateway can be installed on a dedicated server or on a domain controller. If you install it on a domain controller, it is installed as an ATA Lightweight Gateway. For more information on the ATA Lightweight Gateway, see ATA Architecture.

Select Download Gateway Setup in the list of steps at the top of the page to go to the Gateways page.

ATA gateway configuration settings.


To reach the Gateway configuration screen later, select the settings icon (upper right corner) and select Configuration, then, under System, select Gateways.

  1. Select Gateway Setup. Download ATA Gateway Setup.
  2. Save the package locally.
  3. Copy the package to the dedicated server or domain controller onto which you are installing the ATA Gateway. Alternatively, you can open the ATA Console from the dedicated server or domain controller and skip this step.

The zip file includes the following files:

  • ATA Gateway installer

  • Configuration setting file with the required information to connect to the ATA Center

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