AI Builder licensing

AI Builder is licensed as an add-on to your Power Apps, Power Automate, or Dynamics 365 license. This means you can start your AI Builder trial after you have a Power Apps, Power Automate, or Dynamics 365 license that allows you to create a Microsoft Power Platform environment.

The AI Builder capacity add-on doesn't exist in the Microsoft 365 business premium license.


You might receive this notification when you sign in: You’ve consumed all of your AI Builder credits. Contact your administrator to get more capacity. If you get this message, read this article to learn how to increase capacity and get details and FAQs on licensing.

Screenshot of the AI Builder credits banner notification.

Purchase additional AI Builder capacity

Ensure that your environment is properly credited by downloading your AI Builder consumption report.

If your environment has no more capacity, you need to purchase capacity add-ons. The AI Builder capacity add-on can be purchased by a billing administrator in Microsoft 365 admin center, or by using your usual channel.

The AI Builder calculator helps estimate the required add-on capacity based on your estimated consumption.

Some Microsoft products like Power Apps per app plan, Power Apps per user plan, and Power Automate per user plan with attended RPA include some AI Builder capacity. Your environment admin can check entitlement in Power Platform admin center in Capacity add-ons. When this amount isn't enough, you can complete it with one or several AI Builder capacity add-ons.

To purchase the AI Builder credit add-on in the Microsoft 365 admin center:

  1. Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

    You need to be the billing administrator of your tenant to access this page.

  2. On the left pane, select Billing.

  3. Select Purchase services.

First, you have to purchase AI Builder capacity add-on for your Power Apps or Power Automate licenses. Then an administrator has to allocate that capacity to any Power Apps environment where you want to use AI Builder.

Allocate capacity

Once entitled to AI Builder capacity, credits are unallocated and available as a pool on the tenant, which can be used on any environment. The administrator can restrict usage by allocating all credits to specific environments.

To learn how to allocate capacity in Power Platform admin center, go to Capacity add-ons. To learn how to allocate credits, go to Manage capacity.

Trial licenses

Want to get started using AI Builder? Use premium features for a limited time with a trial license, or use preview features without obtaining a license at all.


You can't start an AI Builder trial if you have AI Builder credits already on your tenant by purchasing a capacity add-on or through other products.

Learn more about AI Builder licensing in the following articles:

Benefits of a trial license

An AI Builder trial license enables you to use AI Builder features for free during the 30-day trial period.

What you get with an AI Builder trial license:

  • Create and use AI models in any environment (trial or production).

  • Store your AI model results in Dataverse.

  • Use AI model in your apps, flows, and more.

Activate an AI Builder trial license

  1. Sign in to Power Apps or Power Automate.

  2. Select AI Builder > Explore.

  3. (If requested) Select Create a database and choose a currency and language.

  4. Select Create my database.

    Screenshot of the 'New database' screen.

  5. Refresh the Explore page.

  6. At the top of the screen, select Start free trial.

    Screenshot of Start free trial.


Your AI Builder trial license is applicable at the user level, not the environment level: you can use your trial license on multiple environments. Another user would have to start their own trial or paid license to use your models in any environment.

Preview features

AI Builder features that are in preview release status are free to use. You don't need to obtain a license to use AI Builder preview features.

After the trial expires

Your AI Builder trial license expires after 30 days.

To continue using AI Builder, purchase AI Builder add-on capacity and allocate AI Builder capacity to your environments. You may also be able to extend the trial period. Trials can be extended a limited number of times. Extension can only occur after the trial expires.

To renew your AI Builder trial license, sign in to Power Apps or Power Automate, select AI Builder > Explore, and then select Extend trial in the banner on the top.

Trial capacity

An AI Builder trial license includes a limited amount of AI Builder capacity. You use this capacity when running or training models.

If you exceed your AI Builder capacity, you’ll receive an over-capacity notification. These notifications appear as banners in AI Builder pages or when using the model.

The following functions aren't available when you exceed capacity:

  • Create a model or a new version of a model

  • Run a model within Power Apps or in a Power Automate flow.

    • You can still share your model with another user. They can run it using their own AI Builder capacity.
  • Scheduled model run or retrain

    • Some scenarios allow scheduled run or retrain, which is configured on the model settings panel. These scheduled tasks will fail when you exceed capacity. Therefore, data won’t be refreshed, and the model won’t be retrained.

To continue using AI Builder when you exceed capacity, purchase AI Builder add-on capacity, and allocate it to your environments.

If you extend a trial after expiration, capacity is reset. You can again run and train your models, and create new ones. Scheduled run and retrain instances will resume according to the existing settings.

AI Builder paid licenses FAQ

How many AI Builder credits are consumed for each operation?

Each AI Builder capability consumes service credits at a different rate. You can check the consumption rates in the Microsoft Power Platform Licensing Guide in the AI Builder capacity add-on section.

I exceeded my trial capacity. What can I do?

  • You can purchase AI Builder Add On and allocate capacity to your environment
  • You can wait for your trial to expire, then extend your trial: this will add new capacity.
  • You can also share your existing model with another user who still has active trial with capacity.

How do I convert my trial environment to a production environment?

To learn more, go to About trial environments.

Where can I find more information about license management in Power Apps and Power Automate?

More information about licenses and license management in Power Apps is available in Microsoft Power Platform License management.

Where can I find more information about trial environments?

To learn more, go to About trial environments.

After your AI Builder trial license expires, or if you exceed capacity:

  • You have to purchase a license to continue using your AI models.
  • An administrator must allocate AI Builder capacity to any environment where you want to use AI Builder.
  • You can't create or modify AI Builder models, and no new inference will be possible when the trial expires if you don't purchase a license.

How do I convert my trial environment to a production environment?

To learn more, go to About trial environments.

Can I block users in my organization from signing up for an AI Builder trial?

Any individual can try out the features of AI Builder for 30 days and incur no costs to your company. This option is available to any user in a tenant and can't be disabled by an admin.

What can I do with the 5,000 AI credits included in the per user plan with attended RPA?

Each user license grants you 5,000 credits, allowing you to assess the capabilities in AI Builder. For instance, you could use these credits to extract data from a few documents with document processing or perform hundreds of basic OCR extractions with text recognition.

What happens if a user turns on/off AI Builder per user capacity add-on license?

The Power Apps per user license includes 500 seeded AI Builder credits. If AI Builder capacity Per User add-on isn't selected, the 500 AI Builder credits won't be added to the total number of AI Builder credits owned at your tenant level and will be lost.

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