Azure Function - Blob Trigger Event Grid

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I'm trying to do the following : run an Azure Function (python 3.9) each time a blob is uploaded to a container (via event grid trigger) (webhook)
I've followed the tutorial :


When i debug it locally (webhook + ngrok) everything works as expected but for some reason when i go "live" (when i deploy) the function seems to do nothing.
That's curious cause I see the event being sent :

Even the function being triggered :

But i don't see the expected result (transfer a blob from one container to another).
Also i don't see the different logging instruction i've written in the source code of the init function.  
        f"""Start BlobTriggerEventId @   
        {}|{datetime.utcnow().strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')}."""  

(maybe i don't know where to look for but i thought this would be in application insights log).

Can you please help on that ?


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