Unable to Setup Microsoft 365 Developer Program : E5 Subscription

Shashika Madushani 111 Reputation points

I tried to set up E5 subscription in Microsoft 365 Developer program. But a message came up saying that sandbox provisioning is currently disabled due to a technical issue. Hw can I sort out this?

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  1. kriszi- 26 Reputation points

    Please check the following out:

    "I had the exact same error message. I tried another browser, incognito mode, etc., but still had the same error. A month later, today (18th of October), something magical happened:
    I got the good old error again, so I started clicking. I clicked on the profile settings button (https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/profile/settings/preferences) and:

    • Profile: check the "I would like information, tips, and offers about the Microsoft 365 Developer Program." checkbox and save
    • Account Preferences: check some boxes here and there and save.

    After clicking back to the "Dashboard", I was able to create my sandbox and my subscription was ready.

    Therefore, the "solution" is:
    Obviously, nothing that you read above, just the right timing. However, I'm pretty sure, checking a few checkboxes and subscribing to a newsletter won't solve an issue like this, but we are talking about Microsoft, so I thought I might just leave this comment here.
    (On the same day, I tried to replicate this "solution" with another account, and it worked perfectly without the profile settings modifications you read above.)
    I guess this is just a lucky coincidence and all you need to do is wait and check back from time to time."

    Original comment:here

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  2. Brajendra Silawat 6 Reputation points

    I can now set up E5 Subscription ,but I can not login with my Subscription . It is always Error Code: 53003 .Who can help me ?Thank you

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  3. Oghenegare Eyankware 6 Reputation points

    As at 24th October, 2022 it is still not working...

    What can I do about it pls?

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  4. ThePercio 6 Reputation points

    Ok, So I got it to work. It's a huge pain.
    -go to dev panel, click set up e5 sub
    -Error pops up
    -Close error
    -click settings cog
    -navigate back to the dev panel
    -A the set up E5 sub pops up
    -Completed info, got another error
    -closed error again
    -Navigated to settings cog again
    -Navigated back to dev panel
    -e5 dev env successfully set up.

    I can't help but to laugh. But it worked

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  5. Tommy Hizkia 1 Reputation point

    i got same issue