AADB2C90085: Can't obtain token with client_credentials and custom policy

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I am trying to generate a token for a web app (app1) that exposes another app's scope (app2) using app1's client_id/client_secret. Both apps exist in the same B2C tenant. . I've followed this tutorial, exposed an app role, but request app1's scope ./default, since it's a client_credentials grant.

Here's what this call looks like on postman


It returns:

    "error": "invalid_grant",  
    "error_description": "AADB2C90085: The service has encountered an internal error. Please reauthenticate and try again.\r\nCorrelation ID: 0f836311-0f5b-44a5-b15b-4c53439086dc\r\nTimestamp: 2022-10-20 00:17:55Z\r\n"  

My manifest has accessTokenAcceptedVersion : 2 and my appRole

"allowedMemberTypes": [  

I am unsure what can be happening because I can't seem to see Audit logs for these requests in my Azure AD B2C.

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  1. risolis 8,696 Reputation points

    Hello @Paul Stevenson

    Thank you for your post on this community space.

    I would like to provide the next post which seems to be very similar for what you were describing previously.... So please direct yourself down below:


    I hope you can find this useful to overcome your concern.

    Looking forward to your feedback,


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  2. Paul Stevenson 1 Reputation point

    Hi Ricardo, thank you for pointing to this stack overflow post. Unfortunately, I had already seen it and tried both solutions in that post. I actually noticed there have logs in the audit logs but none of them offer useful information. Is there anything else that I have to configure in custom policies to support client_credentials?


  3. Shweta Mathur 22,656 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Paul Stevenson ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    The error you are getting is due to configuration is not correct while setting up client credential flow in Azure AD B2C.

    I tried to reproduce the issue and got same error due to incorrect scope.

    Steps to set up client credential flow :

    1. Register App2 and expose the scopes by setting the application id URI.


    2.Update manifest to define app roles

         "allowedMemberTypes": [  
         "description": "B2CRole",  
         "displayName": "B2CRole",  
         "id": "1fb805ae-3118-4e7c-b5e0-032c289eaf44",  
         "isEnabled": true,  
         "lang": null,  
         "origin": "Application",  
         "value": "B2CRole"  
         "allowedMemberTypes": [  
         "description": "B2C",  
         "displayName": "B2C",  
         "id": "7316bf0a-f704-4bd4-9d9d-baf2d6f7719e",  
         "isEnabled": true,  
         "lang": null,  
         "origin": "Application",  
         "value": "B2C"  

    3.Register the app1 and update the app's accessTokenAcceptedVersion is set to 2
    4.Grant the app(app1) permission for API(app2).


    5.Request the access token . Make sure to pass correct scope. e.g https://<tenantName>.onmicrosoft.com/api/.default


    6.Decode the token using jwt.ms to see the scopes.


    Hope this will help.


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