AAD B2C - "Lag" after custom policy upload

Maximilian Bürgi 106 Reputation points

Hi everyone,

when I upload a new version of a custom policy it takes a varying amount of time (from a few seconds to five minutes) until the new version is used. During development this is very frustrating and time-consuming since I either have to wait five minutes to be sure (which breaks the workflow) or I have to initiate the policy several times until I get the updated version. And if it was only a slight policy update I have to add some noticable "versioning" to figure out whether the change was applied or not. This wastes a lot of time and makes the development of B2C policies very cumbersome. I found a similar question which was posted a year ago: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69321812/lag-in-getting-the-new-value-of-a-custom-attribute-after-updating-it

Is there still nothing that can be done about this? Either a flushing of policy caches or an indication on Azure Portal (of when the new policy is available) would be acceptable. But the current situation is very annoying.

Microsoft Entra External ID
Microsoft Entra External ID
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  1. Jie 1 Reputation point

    We have faced the same problem, just replace the REST Api endpoint of some technical profile in the policy and stop the old REST Api. B2C is crashed by login and we have to start the old REST Api. After certain time, may be 30 min, we have traced, there is no traffice from old REST Api anymore, but it is a really painful problem.

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  2. Rupesh Prasad 0 Reputation points

    is there any update on this? I have been experiencing this issue and it is very frustrating to do the development like this.

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  3. Shuttleworth, Kristie 0 Reputation points

    Raised in Oct 20, 2022 and still no solution or workaround?