Sync Azure SQL Database across Tenants in different azure regions

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which of these is the Fastest, Cost Effective and easily manageable solution:-

1) Azure Data Factory
2) Azure SQL data sync
3) Automated backup - file replication using RA-GRS - Restore
4) Geo-Replication of QL Database

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Alberto Morillo 33,176 Reputation points MVP

    You can easily set a sync job between databases belonging to different tenants using SQL Data Sync but you cannot do it using the Azure portal. To set up a sync across tenant you will have to use PowerShell cmdlet New-AzureRmSqlSyncMember, and you need to specify the “MemberServerName” parameter, which is the fully qualified DNS name for the logical server. Azure SQL Data Sync allows one-direction and bi-directional sync between Azure SQL databases and allows you to set the sync to happen on intervals of seconds, minutes, hours, days and manually.

    You can perform geo-restore only on databases that reside in the same subscription.

    Creating a geo-secondary on a logical server in a different Azure tenant is not supported when Azure Active Directory only authentication for Azure SQL is active (enabled) on either primary or secondary logical server. If that is not the case then you use Geo-Replication as explained here.

    I am not sure you can do that with Azure Data Factory, as there are limitations, sharing for example Self-Hosted Integration Runtime (SHIR) with other tenants is not possible.

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