How do I get student pack?

posixy 1 Reputation point

I tried to verify using my institutional email.
That did not work as the domain is not registered with "Microsoft/Azure".
Although that did work with GitHub.
I don't have any 25 digit verification code. Where do I get this?
GitHub did not provide any 25 digit code.
Also how do I contact support?
May be I am wrong but azure support seems very weak.
There seems to be no way to contact anyone to ask a question.
There is twitter but not everyone has a twitter account.
I don't understand.
If you are someone working for Microsoft/Azure,
Please make a generic chat or email support option.
This makes no sense.

If you know of any solution to this problem, please let me know.

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  1. risolis 8,701 Reputation points

    Hello @posixy

    Thank you for sharing this question on this community space.

    I would like to know more details if it is possible to address your concern in an accurate manner. I do have some questions and they are down below:

    • Were you trying to log in to your Azure Tenant using your student credentials or any other?
    • Which code are you being asked? I wonder if it is the MFA authentication codes or the MFA authentication backup codes....
    • Do you have an admin role assigned to your username or any other role?
    • Did you configure any recovery method like email, phone number or any other?
    • Was this working properly or is this the first time you logged in to this?

    Looking forward to your feedback,


    Please "Accept the answer" if the information helped you. This will help us and others in the community as well.

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  2. posixy 1 Reputation point

    Thank you.
    I am actually talking about azure for students.
    Recently I signed up for GitHub students developer pack.
    From there I tried to get the azure for students.
    I used my university email to sign up at GitHub.
    When I was signing up in azure, first it said that I
    could not sign up using a institutional email.
    I was instructed to either use a personal email (existing)
    or create one.
    I created this account i.e. Microsoft account separately
    Then logged into azure and tried to sign up for azure
    students. (So signing in using Microsoft account and
    signing up for azure students is not same)
    But this is not working.
    Here is what I get when trying to use institutional email, notice at the top:
    Also there are other options:
    Here in the image, the wizard is asking for a code.
    But where do I get this code?

  3. WhTurner 1,611 Reputation points

    The tag "small-basic" is for Technical questions about Microsoft Small Basic, the only text-based programming language and IDE built for students to learn to code

    Please look for a more fitting tag as your question in not about Small Basic
    e.g. "c++" or "dotnet-csharp" or even "not-supported""

  4. posixy 1 Reputation point

    I was able to contact support by selecting GitHub option at azure student verification.
    It said I was not verified at GitHub, even though I was.
    This was solved by clicking the support link they provided under that option.
    Then I filed a ticket, and after that followed instructions provided by support team.
    Also, this option did not earlier show up because my Microsoft account was not linked
    to GitHub.
    After linking the two, GitHub option was available as a verification method.
    For this to work, you have to use the same email for Microsoft account and GitHub.
    In my experience, the email do not have to be the primary email at GitHub.
    But I think that email Must be the Login email for Microsoft account.
    In short you have to have the same email in your GitHub account (may not have to be
    primary email) and in your Microsoft account ( for Microsoft account it has to be the
    login email).

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