new subscription within existing tenant - "Add Subscrition" doesn't do that

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My company has an azure tenant, we are mission critical on it.

I want to set up a new subscription within that tenant as a sort of sandbox for some 3rd party activity that needs to be kept mutually isolated from the main subscription. It would be nice if AAD accounts in the tenant could (and would need to) be granted access to the new Subscription. Documentation is unclear, but suggests that the ability to do this is exactly why azure was designed the way it is.

I went to "Subscriptions"; clicked the + for "Add Subscription". I was guided through the process to create a new Subscription, including providing my payment method. When I clicked to complete the process:

  • NO new subscription was added
  • I am now listed as "Owner" of our EXISTING Subscription

This is bad: I should not be the or an Owner of our company's existing main azure subscription; now it looks like I'm trying to hijack my company. Can you maybe imagine the trouble I might have just set in motion?

How can I please:

  • Undo the payment method maneuver to restore it to whatever it previously was, as discreetly as reasonably possible?
  • Establish a new subscription within my company's azure tenant for the purpose of doing my required work?



Would someone at Microsoft please NOTE:

  • The process in the azure portal to add a Subscription is clear enough and proceeds as expected. However:
  • The outcome is totally UNexpected and kind of antithetical to what is clearly indicated
  • There is no confirmation dialog/process; if the user believes that the process to "add a Subscription" will do that as every indication along the way sort of validates, then when the user click to perform the addition of the Subscription, no Subscription is added; instead, the user is left to deduce that the payment method they provided for the new Subscription will be charged for the existing Subscription.
  • There is no apparent way to reverse or back out of the transaction to which the user has just committed, which is completely different than the one they intended and which azure clearly indicated is exactly what would happen.

I suggest that this is an undesirable, misleading, unfortunate, incorrect process flow that should be corrected.

  • I know there are excellent highly trained azure support people, I just have no idea how to reach them intentionally.
  • There appears to be no way to directly contact any kind of azure support, including the non-technical account-type support which is headlined as freely available.
  • Every option to create a "support request" appears to go through a series of dropdown-list filters. In numerous instances over the past couple of months, I have yet to find a series of choices that even comes close to targeting the issue I want to ask about; including this one. I've gone through all the lists of every issue and sub-issue.
  • The only apparent way to actually ask a question, as opposed to click on one from a list that isn't even close, is to submit a question to "the community" as if it's some sort of social media game.

My current question is not a technical support question, yet apparently this is the technical support community, judging by the list of available topics. This is where I landed when I clicked some option for administrative/account/payment questions.

This is disingenuous: to create a "support request" or "ticket" has a well-known commonly understood meaning, which is to direct a specific question to the organizational unit responsible for servicing questions or at least having relevant knowledge, or if nothing else the ability and directive to point people with questions to a closer resource (so that recursively in as few hops as possible the questioner is connected with the appropriate resource). That is not what is possible for azure; what is possible is to "Ask the community"; "see if any other user might have had your exact same issue and already wrote about it in his own words in case that happens to be coherent"; "go search google or bing or stack overflow or something". I can only think that someone at Microsoft understands this distinction.

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  1. Marilee Turscak-MSFT 35,631 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Frank Revi (GW) ,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are facing this issue and having trouble getting support. Part of the reason for this might be because this is a subscription/billing team issue, which is handled by a separate team from the product teams that are supported in the forums.

    If you went through the process to create the new subscription in the tenant and received the validation that it was created, you should be able to locate the new subscription by selecting "Subscriptions == all" and making sure that the global subscriptions filter is not checked.


    In the subscriptions dropdown there is a checkbox far at the bottom beneath the other checkboxes that says "show only subscriptions selected in the global subscriptions filter", and if it's checked you won't see everything.


    For the Owner issue, it's possible that your access was elevated or that you were added to that subscription by another Owner, but if this wasn't the case, you will need to speak with someone on the subscription team to help get this resolved.

    Here are the options for reaching the billing team:
    Submitting a ticket through the portal blade
    Chatting with the Sales team by the "Chat Now" option or reaching out via their phone support (855-270-0615)
    Reaching out via phone support


    If the information helped you, please accept the answer. This will help us and other community members as well.

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