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Are the foreign keys, fk, pk included when using DMS? I used DMS before last 2020 and we got a problem with foreign keys,

Azure Database Migration service
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  1. ShaktiSingh-MSFT 14,296 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Khristian Dave Poleracio ,

    Thanks for posting this question in Microsoft Q&A platform and for using Azure services.

    As I understand from the ask, you want to know if primary key, foreign keys are included during Database Migration Services (DMS).

    If we are migrating from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database, it is recommended to Use Premium 4 vCore. DMS automatically takes care of database objects like foreign keys, triggers, constraints, and non-clustered indexes and doesn't need manual intervention. Reference link: Migration recommendations

    As per the Frequently Asked Questions on DMS of MySQL Single to Flexible server faq-mysql-single-to-flex-Which data, schema, and metadata components are migrated as part of the migration? :

    Azure Database Migration Service migrates schema, data, and metadata from the source to the destination. All of the following data, schema, and metadata components are migrated as part of the database migration:

    -Data Migration - All tables from all databases/schemas.
    -Schema Migration - Naming, Primary key, Data type, Ordinal position, Default value, Nullability, Auto-increment attributes, Secondary indexes
    -Metadata Migration, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views, Foreign key constraints

    Please let us know from your source and targets for migration in case the above information does not comply to your use-case.


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  1. Khristian Dave Poleracio 131 Reputation points
    1. Are the data itself will be included on the migration process?
      If yes, it is on Data Migration section from the one you answered above?
    2. Only databases will be created on the target server?
      table schema, data itself, views, routines, events etc will be migrated and we don't need to create it manually? Only the databases.

    Thank you.