Sorting Azure Monitor Workbook Instances into Galleries

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Hello there,

At the moment, all Azure Monitor Workbook Instances show up in a gallery categorie named "Recently modified workbooks" when navigated to a "Workbook" View in Azure Portal. As for Azure Monitor Workbook templates it is possible to sort them into custom galleries I'm wondering if the same feature could also be made possible for Workbook Instances? I.e. (see the screenshot below) sorting Workbook Instances into galleries like the public templates available, such that they also can show up in e.g. 'Availability' if they're related to availability or in 'Failure' if they are related to failures etc. It should also be possible to add custom categories and sort the workbook instances into them as well.

My question is therefore if this feature, which is available for Workbook Templates is also available / or could be made available for Workbook Instances?

Thanks for any answers!


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  1. Stanislav Zhelyazkov 22,251 Reputation points MVP

    This is not possible. That view is custom one. The closes option is to have tags on your workbooks and use All resources view to filter only to workbooks and add column for the tag that you want to see. Another option is to create a workbook that lists all your workbooks and groups them by some tag.

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  1. Andrew Blumhardt 9,771 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    You can save workbook tiles into a custom dashboard. The pinned tiles work like shortcuts, click to see the larger workbook. These dashboards can be shared. You might just create a dashboard with a key tile from your favorite workbooks. Then you set the order and it is easier to see. Also, you can add a pin icon to any tile in the editor if it is not displayed.

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  2. Shikha Jain 6 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    There are two ways to do this:

    1. in the gallery - go to workbooks tab and use it sort / search all instances (Image 1)
    2. go to Azure Workbooks browse blade by searching for Azure Workbooks in services or search bar in Azure Portal (Image 2)

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