Getting point cloud data from Azure Cloud Anchors

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Atul Vasudev 1 Reputation point

To to view a cloud anchor and add AR markers to it dynamically, I need the point cloud data of each recorded cloud anchors. Is it possible somehow?

Azure Spatial Anchors
Azure Spatial Anchors
An Azure service that is used to build immersive three-dimensional applications and experiences that map, persist, and restore content or points of interest at real-world scale.
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    Nathan Manis - MSFT 431 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Atul Vasudev ,

    Thank you for the question. If I understood this correctly, you are wanting the raw point cloud values (x, y, z) somehow via an API to query an existing Azure Spatial Anchor storage account.

    If so, that is not is used in the API calls since it is more of an offset in the point cloud that is matched depending on the device once matched via the API. In the API set, the underlying class does not expose an x,y,z value and no value is accessible via a query:

    This shows the location matching design with how the scan works:

    Nathan Manis - MSFT

    Here are a couple other threads that may be of interest too in forums:

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