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Eduard Kaufmann 41 Reputation points
thanks for your time ... I'm having a blackout !
environment: VS2022, .net7, MAUI

How can I derive the content of the TextProperty: in this case 'Siou Blanc'?

I used n variations without success ... must be blind!
string location = Button.TextProperty.ToString();
// result: location = 'Text'
        Command="{Binding MCommand}"
        IsEnabled="{Binding IsNotBusy}"
        Style="{StaticResource ButtonOutline}"
        Text="Siou Blanc"/>
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    Viorel 82,381 Reputation points

    Try assigning a name: <Button x:Name="button1" ....

    In the associated code file: string location = button1.Text.

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  1. answered 2023-01-20T05:49:57.2166667+00:00
    Leon Lu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 41,396 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    You can do this by adding CommandParameter="{x:Reference button1}" in the Button like following code.

        <Button x:Name="button1"
                Command="{Binding VARhCommand}"
                CommandParameter="{x:Reference button1}"
                IsEnabled="{Binding IsNotBusy}"
                Style="{StaticResource ButtonOutline}"

    Then add an attribute in your VARhAsync of HikesViweModel.cs. You can get the button text in the ViewModel.

        async Task VARhAsync(Button btn)    {
            string location = btn.Text;

    Best Regards,

    Leon Lu

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