Intune - Android Enterprise enrollment stuck on install required apps

Ian Emmett 50 Reputation points

We have an issue which we from all our best efforts are struggling to pin point the problem.

We are getting the problem below which is stopping COBO mobiles getting installed...

The application failed to install because there is a configuration issue with your managed Play account or connection within Microsoft Intune. (0xC7D24FC1)

As far as i can see there are no policies we can see that is causing any upset in this program and Google play account is connected and appears to be working fine. We can also find no reference to the error number.

If anyone has come across this then any help would be appreciated.

Microsoft Intune Android
Microsoft Intune Android
Microsoft Intune: A Microsoft cloud-based management solution that offers mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities.Android: An open-source mobile platform based on the Linux kernel, developed by Google, and maintained by the Open Handset Alliance.
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  1. Michael Burns 10 Reputation points

    This is still happening for us - When enrolling Android as a Fully Managed device it works, when enrolling as a Company Device with Work Profile the installation stalls with Authenticator and Intune (Required apps)

    If you hold power and restart, you eventually get back to the install apps screen and it works - so there is a solution, not graceful but works.

    When checking the device compliance it was failing on intune app integrity checks. Upon restart the check was ok and then the Apps installed. I had made both Authenticator and Intune available without enrollment in the Apps area of intune - no change.

    After removing the requirement in the compliance policy and rebuilding the phone the issue continues, restarting the device works.

    Does anyone have a better solution than restarting at the circles of death?

    • Update: even after removing the integrity check it still fails compliance on this setting: AndroidDeviceOwnerCompliancePolicy.SecurityRequireIntuneAppIntegrity
    • I've disabled both the Play/Device and Intune integrity requirements
    • This has fixed the problem - make sure you turn off both integrity checks if you want the device to seamlessly enrol
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  2. George Francis 5 Reputation points

    @Ian Emmett did removing Google Play Store connection not break enrolment of the existing Android devices? Did they need to re-enrol again?

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  3. Lu Dai-MSFT 28,236 Reputation points

    @Ian Emmett Thanks for posting in our Q&A.

    Honestly, I haven't seen this error code before. To clarify this issue, we appreciate your help to do some basic check:

    1.Which is the version of this android device? And is it an android device with GMS?

    2.Please make sure that there is no device record of this device in intune portal and Azure AD portal.

    3.Please check the status in Tenant administration > Connectors and tokens > Managed Google Play in intune portal.

    4.Please make sure that the setting "Android Enterprise (work profile)" is set to "allow" in Devices > enroll devices > Enrollment device platform restrictions in intune portal.

    If there is anything update, feel free to let us know.

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  4. Sean Howells 5 Reputation points

    i have removed this as it was a question

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  5. George Francis 5 Reputation points

    Seeing this behaviour but not seen any error codes mentioned above. Was the error on the device? Anyone find the solution?