How to fetch SSIS Package Contents using Azure Data Factory REST API's

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Hi, I need some help regarding Azure Data Factory's List Pipeline by Factory API. I have created one Pipeline in Azure Data Factory which uses Execute SSIS Activity. I have selected package location as embedded package and provided Encryption Password to it my pipeline is running perfectly. Now I have one API to list All Pipelines present in a particular Data Factory in ADF. When I hit that API I am getting response which includes all my ADF Pipelines and there activities. This also includes my Execute SSIS Package Activity. For my use case I need contents of SSIS Package using Azure Data Factory API. After looking for a while I found contents of my SSIS package present in API Response but in Encrypted Format. Is there any way to decrypt that or view package content. Format of SSIS Package file is dtsx. Any kind of help is appreciated. Thank You. I hope below Screenshot helps you to Identify Problem and help me accordingly.Settings of Execute SSIS Package activity ADF

API Response of List Pipelines by Factory Name API

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  1. KranthiPakala-MSFT 46,407 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi Erin Kimak,

    Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A forum and posting your query.

    I don't think you can decrypt (using REST API) the package content that was generated by ADF service in its activity payload. Your package will be automatically compressed and embedded in the activity payload and once embedded, you can only Download your package later for editing/viewing purposes from ADF Studio.

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    In order to view the package, you will have to first download the package and then use VS2019 to view the content/design of the package. For more information, please refer to this thread: Open a dtsx file in design view.

    Hope this info helps.

    Thank you

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