How to Resend email as it was comming from the mailbox that resend´s it - Outlook/Exchange Online.

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I have 2 scenarios of rules that I need to work similar, but only needs one of them to work:

1: Resend an email that arrives in the mailbox of from i.e., but where when it arrives in it should look like it is comming from and not - at the moment I am only able to resend it like it seems to come from, and that is not what I need

2: Forward an email that arrives in inbox of, but without the "FW:" in subject and without the pre-appended Header that normally is in a Forwarded E-mail.

Is there a way (plugin, script or something) that can help me solve this? .. I have looked for plugins and scripts that can help me do this, but so far only found plugins for On-Prem Exchange, not Exchange Online.

Hope someone can help. :-)



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  1. Patchfox 2,801 Reputation points

    Hi, I hope I can help you with this question.

    The solution you want is not possible by default with Microsoft Exchange.

    The email header keeps the same when you forward a message from another mailbox/sender.

    Read also the comments in the answered thread here:

    But there are 3rd party solution, which are to be able to create extensive email rules. e.g CodeTwo (

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  2. Yuki Sun-MSFT 37,376 Reputation points

    Hi @Stig Kølbæk,

    To the best of my knowledge, it's not possible using the built-in capabilities of either Exchange Online or Outlook client.

    Since you are looking for a rule solution, resending it manually as mentioned in the article below is not an option for you, right?
    User's image

    How to forward without header info in message body in Outlook?
    (Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.)

    Regarding the possibilities involving plugin or script, actually I'm not an expert when it comes to development, but I tried searching a lot and so far cannot find any direct solutions for the specific requirement either. I do find some VBA scripts to send a new message using the body of the received message, but the rule just wouldn't fire at all when I tested it in my Exchange 2019 lab environment. I'll leave the links I referenced below in case you are familiar with scripts or have the interest to take a further look at it:

    Then please understand that the tags "Microsoft Exchange Online" and "Outlook" are focus on general questions related to Exchange Online or Outlook, if you would like to dig deeper into the script solution, personally I'd recommended posting your question using tag "Office Development" or "Exchange Server Develpment" instead as community users there could be more familiar with scripts. Thanks for your understanding.

    Meanwhile, I just tried posting the idea into the dedicated feedback portal for Exchange Online. I'll leave the link below in case you or other community users would like to add votes or comment there as well. Hopefully this feature can be added soon.

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