The SDK 'Microsoft.NET.Sdk' specified could not be found. in Visual Studio Community 2022 version 17.5

Raihanudin Rafif 45 Reputation points

Since Visual Studio 2022 updated from version 17.4 to 17.5, I couldn't load my project. and get the error "The SDK 'Microsoft.NET.Sdk' specified could not be found." But if the project was opened in version 17.4, the project was loaded successfully.

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  1. Tianyu Sun-MSFT 20,701 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @Raihanudin Rafif ,

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

    Please first confirm that .NET SDK has been checked in VS Installer > Modify > Individual components > .NET > .NET SDK. If it isn’t checked, please check it and click Modify.

    Please then create a new .NET based project and check if the same error appears, if the same error appears, please try following to narrow down this issue:

    1. Reboot your machine and restart VS.
    2. Repair Visual Studio from VS Installer > More > Repair.
    3. Reset VS settings(run Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio 2022 > run devenv /ResetSettings).

    If the same error doesn’t appear, then please try following:

    1. Right-click your project > Unload Project > confirm that the <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk"> line exists > right-click your project again > Reload Project. Open VS Installer > Modify > Individual components > .NET > make sure that .NET SDK has been checked, if not, check it and click Modify.
    2. Remove the hidden .vs, bin and obj folders in your solution/project folder and rebuild your project in VS.

    Please feel free to let us know if this issue disappears.

    Best Regards,


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  1. Nick Smith 100 Reputation points

    My solution was following this:

    "Before you try a manual install, I'd check if the Path in the system's environment variables is correctly configured for your system.

    Given that there's always one shared host that moves forward, it will either pick the x86 or the x64 version on your machine. This issue of not picking the right one might happen if you install multiple/different versions.

    Run the where.exe dotnet command to see where the host is looking for the SDK (it's the first entry returned). If you're on a x64 machine, you want to have C:\Program Files\dotnet listed first.

    If it's not, edit the Path system's environment variable to have the location you want showing up higher. Doing that should fix the issue of the SDK versions you installed not showing up when you run dotnet --info.

    See The latest installed .NET SDK not found for complete instructions."

    The order of the SDK paths were incorrect. Reinstalling just threw the path to the bottom of the system environment path variable. Possibly due to Microsoft Studio Code being installed first onto the computer?

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  2. Hariharan 25 Reputation points
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  3. Jagged 0 Reputation points

    In case this helps anyone. I have parallels running on a macbook M1 ARM64 processor

    I had VS 2022 Preview installed as well as dotnet version 5

    I installed the general release VS 2022 and was receiving the error above when trying to open existing projects. I also got the same message for 'Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web'. If I created a new project I would see the solution but not project was listed inside the solution

    I tried to solve by repairing, directly installing the SDKs but could not get it to work. I had left the preview version installed on my machine not thinking it could be the culprit

    Finally I uninstalled vs entirely from my machine as well as all SDKs. I made sure all references to .net were removed from my path and reinstalled vs 2022 ARM64 general release. It worked and I no longer have the above issues

    Hopefully this helps someone

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  4. Ataberk Demir 1 Reputation point

    Friends, if the problem is that Debug and any cpu are not written on the left side of the exhacute button, and your project does not appear in the solution explorer, the problem is completely related to the sdk not being installed. My advice may fix the problem in the future, but for now you can try "Login to Vistual studio installer from the start, then change and then check all the boxes under the section that says .NET under the arguments heading and try if the problem persists by opening a new project."

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